Platform and Ramps

Our climbing ramps allow your cat to move from the ground level up to its favourite spot of all, its very own high aspect platform. The ramps are covered in marine-grade carpet and can be easily installed at an angle of your choosing. They are sleek and modern and you can imagine how much fun your cat will have climbing on them all day. Available as packages or single items to create your very own design.


  • Ramps: 600mm x 160mm
  • Platform: 300mm x 300mm
  • Hideaway: 460mm L x 260mm W x 280mm high

Package A: 2x ramps 1x platform
Package B: 1x hideaway 1x ramp 1x platform
Package C: 1 hideaway x 2x ramps

*Can not be installed onto colourbond fences as they are too thin. Brick and timber are fine