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Have a cat and want to let it outside but worried about it getting out and lost?
Why not build a cat run to stop just that?

Your cat will love having a space to call its own where it can lounge out in the sun and hide from relatives coming over for weekend get togethers. We have a range of options available and accessories to go with.

Contact us on 0418 917 502 or go to our Quote request page to find your purrfect enclosure.

The Cat Runs WA Difference

We take pride to make every job we do neat and presentable.

Our netting is finished off by trimming and folding it so that it has a clean, neat edge and is not invasive to the eye. We weave our stainless-steel rope through every hole to make sure there is no chance of a cat being able to crawl through.

Our galvanised mesh panels and gates are made with a supporting metal frame to make it neat and sturdy. We customise our gates so that there is not trip bar at the bottom so that you can still use it frequently without restrictions to move objects to and from the enclosed area.