The Oscillot® Ali-Kitty® Paddle System is the revolutionary cat containment system that can be installed onto existing Colorbond®, Good Neighbour, Post & Rail, Timber and Masonry Fencing. The Oscillot® System is

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Available in 3 Sizes DIY or Professionally Installed. This kit comes “ready to assemble” and includes everything you will need. STEEL REINFORCED corner connectors 19mm UV Treated Cat Netting

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Cat netting can be attached to any surface to provide a secure enclosure which will keep your cat safe from outside dangers.Cat netting can even be secured just above the top of a gate.Please See the GALLERY for more pictures.

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Cat runs WA will design and Install your dream cat run or cat enclosure. We also Supply / Install the Oscillot cat containment System

Give us a call or email, we will be happy to discuss your requirements and offer advice on the most suitable enclosure for your situation.

If necessary we will come out and do an onsite quote for you.

We are experienced in design and Installation of all types of enclosures which will protect your cat from harm and save you hefty vet bills.

Please view our GALLERY for various styles of Enclosure.

Please view  INSTALLATIONS for pictures of installations.

QUOTE required?

Send us some pictures and dimensions of the area of your required enclosure

(a) Length of the enclosure eg  15 Meters

(b)Width of enclosure eg 1.7 Meters

(c)Height from the Ground to the Fascia

(d)If the enclosure is down the side of the house, distance from the top of the fence to the Fascia, this allows us to determine the size of the netting required.

(e)Do both ends need closing off? if so how you would like the ends closed off? Netted Zipper panel with step through access only, or Framed Galvanised Mesh panel gate, with matching side panel/s for secure and easy access, suitable for lawn mower or wheelbarrow and can be padlocked.

Send the information to info@catrunswa.com.au

we will send you back a free quote.

Thank you very much for your input, it is appreciated.


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cat enclosure installation wa
We have the the solutions to keep your cat safe in your own yard.

See installations page

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